Wanted    This is a list of what people are looking for Dome head (Genesis of the Daleks) Dome head latest series Shoulder section Any ideas where I could obtain balljoints to house the Dalek Weapons.    From Scott I am looking for a fully completed shoulder section (not neck piece) but the trouble is I have a rather unusual 3/4 build Dalek. Any assistance or help?    From John Smyth My son and I need help to Finish our Dalek. We have all major parts but would like to find someone who would complete the work and assemble. Is there anyone out there would like to do this for a reasonable fee?    From Bill, Reading Berkshire Looking for skirt shoulders dome fo TV type mk1, 2 or 3. Preferably fibreglass.    Bill Available This is a list of what people have available  I have a spare dome. It is unmarked and is in good condition, I am looking for the NSD dalek shoulder rectangle inserts and the square on which goes on the front which go round the sides I'm willing to swap or purchase these parts to complete my dalek call 07776474194 if you can help.      Craig Fowler Classic style. Shoulders, skirts, neck rings and domes. All made from GRP. Hemis and gun parts also available.Also have some NSD dome and cowel sets. Some are shown on the right and below, click on the image for a larger view. For more information please contact C. Moffat email: emsfactory@yahoo.co.uk Market Place
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